AI Children’s Book Maker Review

The children’s book market is huge, and it’s an untapped gold mine. According to recent data, the US alone is a $4 billion industry! And get this: over 60% of children’s books are now bought online!

Imagine if you could tap into the huge children’s book industry by creating story illustrations and selling them to parents who want to make their kids happy.

The only downside to this idea is that you need to be an experienced graphic illustrator, be a talented storyteller, and have a lot of time to create each character step by step and page by page. It can take weeks or even months to create just one page.

But thanks to the amazing things AI can do these days, there just might be a solution. Keep up with me as I review  a tool called AI Children’s Book Maker.


What Is AI Childrens Book Maker?

A.I. Children’s Book Maker is a web app that uses AI to write and illustrate children’s books in minutes. According to the creator Eric Holmlund, it’s super easy to use, and you don’t need to be a writer or an artist.


Features of AI Childrens Book Maker

  • Just type in your idea, and let the AI do the rest.
  • It is web-based which means you can access the AI Children’s Book Maker from any computer or device
  • It uses the latest AI technology from OpenAI called ChatGPT (bet you know this by now).

But the real question is…

Does it really work?

I am not interested in convincing you so much to purchase this product, I have personally not used it myself but from what I have seen online, it seems 80% of what it claims to do can be done directly on ChatGPT.

It seems to take so long to get to the good part which is creating the images. Personally, if I got this tool I should have some sort of idea on what I want created before I jump in. So the drag between the starting point and the creation of the actual images feels like forever. This is what I mean…


AI Children’s Book Maker Demo

Okay, when you get the app, this is what you will see…

STEP #1: Generate an idea or outline.