Quillaio: AI Tool That Writes Product Reviews

Since the beginning of the “AI Content” craze, there’s been ONE question that continues to be asked over and over again…

“Can it write product reviews?”

And for good reason, we ALL know how consistent it is to write, rank, and profit from reviews, right?

It’s one of the #1 ways that online marketers get traffic, leads, and sales – FAST!

And for the LONGEST time, we’ve all had to respond with:

“Sorry, but AI just isn’t there yet to be able to write reviews about a specific product.”

However, ALL of that changes TODAY!!

A BRAND new web-app has hit the market that does EXACTLY that (and MORE!!!!)


What is Quillaio?

Quillaio is the MOST advanced platform powered by AI that Writes, Optimizes, and Posts Profit-Producing Product ReviewsAI that Writes, Optimizes, and Posts Profit-Producing Product Reviews From Any URL In 90 seconds or Less for the MOST PROFITABLE keywords known to marketers!!


Quillaio Features

It’ll write:

✔️ Regular Reviews for any product or service

✔️ Comparison Reviews for competing products (“x VS y” keywords)

✔️ Write reviews from “How To” keywords

✔️ Write reviews from “for dummies” keywords

You’ll FINALLY Get Page 1 Rankings And Earn Affiliate Commissions For The MOST Profitable (and easiest) Keywords known To Marketers!

And the best part is it works for ANY Product or Service – you just supply the URL.

You have to see this beast in action



Who is behind Quillaio?

The creator is Joshua Zamora, a top internet marketer who has created multiple softwares that solve SEO challenges over the years.

Now with Quillaio, he has simplified The Entire Process of Writing, Optimizing And Posting Review Content.


How Quillaio works

It works in 3 Simple Steps:

1️⃣ Step 1: Login to their web-based app


2️⃣ Step 2: Choose the “keyword type” you want your review written for, supply The engine With The URL Of The Product Or Service You Want it To Write A Review For and Input Your Affiliate Link


3️⃣ Step 3: Hit “Create Post” And Watch This engine Write, Optimize and Post A Perfect Human-Like Product Review – 100% Automatically!


I’m telling you, NOTHING like this has been done before and you guys can be the FIRST t


Check out the demo video here


Quillaio pros and cons


  1. Personally, one thing I love about Quillaio is the ability to write Perfectly-Readable (Human-Like) Product Reviews that are Optimized And POSTED FOR YOU At The Push of a Button.
  2. It has the capability to write comparison reviews where 2 or more products are compared. This style of product review is EXTREMELY profitable and has a TON of traffic potential. Some examples of this would be something like “Xbox VS Playstation” or “Apple Watch Vs Samsung Watch”. The best thing about this type of review is it helps the customer figure out which product to purchase which is a goldmine and drives massive traffic to your site.
  3. Quillaio writes “How To” Keywords. This is another traffic goldmine because one of the most searched keywords on search engines is the 2 magic words… How To. This keyword almost always leads someone down the buying process because they have a problem they need a solution to, and with your Quillaio written How-to review, you present them with a product or service that solves that problem giving you a TON of commissions in your pocket.



Now I will not sweeten this and tell you how awesome this is without revealing some downsides of using this tool.

Personally, I really don’t have any issue with Quillaio but the truth is, I wish for 2 things.

1. Lack of a rewriting feature: Now this is just me, but personally I always like different variations of the same thing. If I write a how-to review and I wish to post it on, say, my blog, I would also like the same review posted on other web 2.0 platforms and this can be done easily if there is a rewriting feature that lets me spit out different articles with similar content.

2. Mobile version: Quillaio is a web app, which means if I don’t have access to my PC, I am in trouble. I wish it worked on the go, something I can quickly churn out at my office or during lunch using my mobile phone.


In conclusion, Quillaio is a perfect tool for Affiliate Marketers, SEO Marketers, Bloggers, Online Marketers who want to make money with Automated AI Content.

My only fear is, AI is not really there yet when it comes to creating content. When you push it too hard, it goes gaga and just spits out unrelated text to your query.

Quillaio claims to be different, and it is actually worth a trial; besides, there is a money-back guarantee in case things go south.

Another thing is, it just recently launched and the launch price will not remain forever, so I suggest you Click here to check it out and make an informed decision before the price increases.