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Discover a secret hack that lets you build a buyers list And Make more commissions FASTER

No product creation | no experience required...

Ever heard the saying the money is in the list? I bet you have.

Everything you will learn in the Rank Cash method is all about blogging and ranking fast to make quick commissions.

But I have some bad news

The money is in the list, not the blog

What I mean by that can make a lot more commissions when you have an email list than depending solely on a blog

SEO is a great traffic source. But if you want to make cash even faster and consistently online then you definitely NEED to grow an email list

But not just any email list..A Buyers List

What Exactly is a Buyers List

A buyers list is an email list made up of buyers only. People who have purchased a product from you, or through you.

And they are...

10x more valuable

than a list made up of people who joined your email list for something you offered for free like a lead magnet

A buyers' list will always be more responsive to your emails and buy from you over and over.

You see when you rank your blog and earn commissions using the method laid out in the Rank Cash Method what happens is, that customer becomes a buyer.

But here's the problem

The buyer automatically joins the email list of the product creator and not yours. So he builds a buyers' list each time you make a sale while you only get 50% commission.

As a matter of fact, after you make commissions from that sale you will never see the buyer again.

Plus when next you want to make commissions you need to reinvest into SEO in order to rank your blog

But if you grew an email list of buyers, all you would need to do is send them an email recommending a new product you are promoting and make commissions FAST

That’s 100% FREE traffic at your beck and call

But then another problem...

In order to build a buyers list, you need to have a couple of skills under your belt

...and other techy stuff you really don't want to get into.

What if I showed you a way to
build a buyers list using Facebook
without doing all that work?


List Hack

A 25 page report that reveals how to build a buyer's list Without Creating A Product Or Spending A Dime on ads

Everything condensed
in 3 simple steps

step #1

Autoresponder Setup

I show you how to setup and a tiny little thing you need to do to ensure your email gets delivered

step #2

Facebook infiltration

You will learn how to get into Facebook and use it to attract buyers ONLY

step #3

Buyers list hack

I show you how to drive buyers from Facebook straight into your email list without paying a dime on ads


You are building a 10x more valuable email list

And this works for any niche as long as Affiliate marketing is involved

Here’s Why you need
Buyers List hack

You probably don't know this but long before you start driving traffic to your blog using the Rank Cash Method for your review article.

Sales have already begun in what is known as a prelaunch which is usually a webinar setup by a product creator.

In this webinar, a bigger chunk of affiliate commissions are made because the prices are a lot more higher and you are missing out on them

The only way you can grab a bite of the cashflow, is by sending traffic to the prelaunch webinar using email.

You cannot successfully promote a prelaunch webinar using SEO, you will need to drive traffic faster using email marketing.

The buyers list hack not only shows you how to grow your list for this but how to grow a buyers list using Facebook


Because with the strategy I reveal inside

Gurus don't want you to know this but the fact remains

these type of earnings
can only be possible
with a buyer's list

How much is this worth?

Well, the real question is how much will it cost to build an email list.

Let me break it down for you... The average cost of running solo ads is about $40 to $50 per 100 clicks.

Out of those 100 clicks you can expect to grow a list of about 30 subscribers if everything is perfect.

So what this means is...if you intend to build a list of 300 subscribers it will cost an average of $400 to $500.

Now this is just building a list of freebie seekers.

But then if you are on a super tight budget and only willing to pay for 100 clicks it will still cost you around $40 to $50 on average.

Now with the strategy I am about to reveal inside the buyers list hack, you will not only learn how to build an email list, but how to build a buyers list using Facebook for free.

And today you can get this PDF report for a measly price of $7 ONLY.

Yes seven dollars only. So you have no excuse for not taking action now.But you have until the timer runs out and the price is increased without notice.

Click the buy now button to lock on this price right now.

Regular Price $37  Today Only $7
Price increases in…

Buyers List Hack Rank Cash

From there you'll be taken to a secure checkout page powered by JVZoo where you can enter your information to get access to the report.

You also get these bonuses
if you order NOW


Buyers List Hack Checklist (valued $37)

This checklist will help you keep tab on the important tasks you need to complete to build your buyers list through Facebook.


Solo Ad Secret Hack (valued $197)

A video tutorial that reveals a secret traffic source for building your email list for way cheaper than you’d expect thereby increasing your chances of making even more commissions

Still Skeptical? You are backed with our

60 day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you implemented every step and still got no results building your buyer's list. Contact me personally and I will issue a hassle free FULL refund...

The gurus don't want you to know this method because they are making more money each time they add a buyer to their email list.
It's time to get your share of success

To Your Success,
Michael Martins

P.S Price will be increased immediately the timer runs out

frequently asked questions

A buyer's list is a list made up of subscribers who have purchased something in the past

Simply create a new list in your autoresponder account and connect it to your buyer's list source.

You do. But in the BUYERS LIST HACK report I show you a way to bypass this to build your buyer's list.

No, there is no need for that. I will show you a loophole to build the list using Facebook.

Yes, apart from your autoresponder cost. You would need to pay for a tool that extracts emails from Facebook to your autoresponder but this is only after a 7-day free trial

Absolutely not. Everything is totally ethical, nothing shady.

After purchase you will be granted access to download the Buyers list hack PDF ebook.

It is a 25 page ebook and only takes a couple of hours to finish if you are a fast reader.

My personal email will be provided on the download page, feel free to reach out to me personally.

Click the buy now button to lock on this price right now

Regular Price $37  Today Only $7
Price increases in…

Buyers List Hack Rank Cash

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