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a secret hack that lets you build a buyer’s list using Facebook without spending a dime on ads

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Dear Internet Marketer,

If you are having a hard time building an email list to promote affiliate offers

If you lack the time to grow and nurture your list

If you are tired of wasting money building an email list that end up never opening your emails

  Then pay close attention to what I have to say to you right here and right now. 

Building a list is paramount if you want to succeed online..

It is said that...

The money is in the list

This is a known fact in the world of
online business.

As a matter of fact, if you have no list,
you have no business online. Period.

But there's one big problem...

Building a list is expensive

Let me share my story with you...

When I first started out in my online journey. I first tried out blogging and this made me my first few thousand dollars online.

But then I decided to dive into email marketing because on a couple of occasions when I tried to promote some exclusive offers, my request was denied.

I wasn't asked how much traffic my blog was getting or how many views my YouTube channel had.

I was asked how big my list was

...And I had no answer to that because I had no list whatsover.
That was when I decided to take list building a lot more seriously.

But something terrible happened

I lost all my money

My first $1000 was swindled away from my hands by a so called guru who sold me about 12,000 emails without telling me it was unethical to do so

Leaving me alone to figure out to my disappointment that no autoresponder would be willing to let me use their platform for what I later learned to be SPAMMING.

I moved on from there searching for another solution
and then I discovered Solo ads.

That also burnt my fingers

because solo ads are not quality traffic
and 80% of solo ad vendors are neither reliable nor trustworthy.

Growing my list using solo ads felt good at the time, at least I could see my subscriber rate increase.

But then when I looked closely I saw most times these were just bot traffic because the names of these so called subscribers were all bunch of gibberish.

No actual human names and most of the emails were invalid.

This explained the poor open rates and zero click through rates

Then I tried a third option which was using PPC ads from BING, Facebook and Google.

Well guess what?

Despite spending hundreds of dollars than I did with solos...my accounts got banned one after another over a period of time for different reasons.

At this point, I was heartbroken and frustrated. If the money was in the list, I wasn't getting any of it

the worst part...

40% of the subscribers I was able to salvage from my campaigns
subscribed with invalid emails just to get access to my lead magnet

Some gave emails that they never use,
and so my emails never even got delivered

You might be in the same shoe. Wasting so much hard earned money trying to build your list.

If you have been building your list the way the gurus have been telling you. Then you have been flushing money down the toilet.

Allow me to break down...

The cost of building an email list
The old fashioned way

The average CPC is $0.50 to $1 and the average optin rate is something around 30%


So what this means is for every 100 clicks you will likely get 30 subscribers.


So say you buy 1000 solo ads (hopefully from a trusted vendor) or PPC ad (that won’t ban your account).


It means at 50 cents CPC you have to spend $500 to grow your list to 300 subscribers.


This then actually means your actual cost per lead is around $1.60 and not $0.50

You also have to consider
The cost of...

Setting up a squeeze page which requires a domain name and hosting an average of $100 a year.

Using an autoresponder at $15 monthly if you use getresponse and your list is less than 500.

An optin form from grabbing emails using tools like thrive leads costs around $60 (last I checked)

And the need to learn some copywriting to churn out good headlines that convert visitors to subscribers.

That's not all...

Because you are offering something for free to get people to subscribe to your list.

A percentage of them will drop invalid emails or emails they never use just to get access to your lead magnet and later unsubscribe

This means you are most likely spending more than $1.60 for each subscriber (the ones who decide to stick around).

I hated that I had to spend all this money and time just to build a crappy list and that was when I decided to find a better way to build an email list

Not just any list, actual humans who would be responsive to my mails.

After doing lots of research and failing over and over. I discovered something really crucial...

The money is in the list

when it is made up of buyers,
people who actually buy something

not some bot or burned out traffic of freebie seekers

This type of list is known as
the buyers list and they are

10x more valuable

than a list of people looking for free stuff

A buyers' list will always be responsive to your emails and buy from you over and over.
Like they say, a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.

But then another problem...

You have to have a couple of skills under your belt

...and a lot of other techy stuff you really don't want to get into.

What if I told you there was a way to
build a buyers list without doing all that work?

You might be in the same shoe as I was, struggling to succeed online, wasting time, wasting your hard earned money trying to build an email list.

that time is over...

Because after my ordeal trying to build my list in the past, I really wasn't ready to go through all that hassle a second time PLUS spending any more money on ads was a NO NO.

And after much digging I finally discovered a secret hack that lets me build an email list and not just any email list....a buyers' list without spending a dime on ads using Facebook.


List Hack

A 25 page report that reveals how to build a buyer's list Without Creating A Product Or Spending A Dime on ads

Everything condensed
in 3 simple steps

step #1

Autoresponder Setup

I show you how to setup and a tiny little thing you need to do to ensure your email gets delivered

step #2

Facebook infiltration

You will learn how to get into Facebook and use it to attract buyers

step #3

Buyers list hack

I show you how to drive buyers from Facebook straight into your list without paying for ads

If you are just starting out or getting frustrated with your email marketing strategy then this is something you should definitely see for yourself...

Because the truth is solo ad vendors will keep milking you dry and PPC ads will keep charging you an arm and a leg and eventually ban your account.

You need a new method to grow your list effectively without drilling a hole in your pocket.


You are building a 10x more valuable email list without

And this works for any niche as long as email marketing is involved

email marketers


Local business owners


if you are tired of…

Then this is a must have

Because with this strategy

Gurus don't want you to know this but the fact remains

these can only be possible
with a buyer's list

It's time to take Action

You have to make a choice

How much is this worth?

Well, the real question is how much will you save building an email list.

Assuming you have the budget I narrated earlier you will be saving at least $500 a month

But then if you are on a super tight budget and only willing to pay for 100 clicks which might cost around $50 on average, you will still be saving over $30

Because today you can get this report for a measly price of $17 ONLY.

And to sweeten this deal and ensure you have no excuse for taking action now.

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Buyers List Hack

From there you'll be taken to a secure checkout page powered by JVZoo where you can enter your information to get access to the report.

Still Skeptical? You are backed with our

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you implemented every step and still got no results building your buyer's list. Contact me personally and I will issue a hassle free FULL refund...

The gurus don't want you to know this method because they are making money each time you make the wrong decision.
It's time to get your share of success

To Your Success,
Michael Martins

P.S You have been scammed for far too long, why don’t you try something else that would cost you nothing on ads.

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Buyers List Hack

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