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Clever Messenger Review

In this clever messenger review, we will be talking about the features, pricing, OTO, pros and cons, and also compare it to Manychat. See lowest price

If you would like to skip to the summary or different parts of this review, feel free to click any of the links in the table of contents section.

Table of Contents

Before we dive into the Clever messenger review in detail, let’s talk about what messenger bots are exactly.

What are messenger bots?

Clever Messenger review

Messenger bots or Chatbots as they are popularly called are basically live chat apps that can be installed on Facebook messenger (through a Facebook page), Instagram direct message, or Whatsapp.

They simulate human interaction and communicate with anyone who interacts with it.

Messenger bots provide required information to prospects when they want it. Answer questions, nurture leads, and counter objections.

It is more or less a virtual assistant and a new way to reach a potential audience.

You can also program it to perform several tasks from customer support to engaging and converting new customers.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce shop.

You can install a chatbot to answer questions related to delivery and available discount codes whenever someone wishes to place an order on your website.

So you can have a list of answers preinstalled. So, when a customer types or clicks a keyword. It triggers a response with the answer to that query saving you time from answering multiple questions over and over.

Creating chatbots is not a complicated process, although most people presume it to be.

To create a chatbot you need a platform that offers it as a service.

Examples of such platforms are Manychat, Chatfuel, Tidio, Mobilemonkey etc.

Now, some of these messenger bot platforms are more expensive than others, while some are more complicated to use, some offer more features while others don’t.

Clever messenger is a new platform that tries to cut through this by providing an extensive list of chatbot features while still making the process as simple as possible.

Let’s dive into this Clever messenger review by kicking off with what it is.

What is clever messenger?

Clever Messenger is a chatbot creator for Facebook messenger & Instagram.

With Clever messenger, you can create chatbots (without coding) for an unlimited number of Facebook pages and Instagram accounts using a visual drag and drop editor.

Clever messenger features

Clever Messenger has a ton of features.

Listing them here will only make this review as boring as possible. But let’s highlight a couple of them.

  • Drag and drop feature that lets you create chatbots easily without techy skills.
  • 6 Custom Fields types to capture User Input 
  • Send unlimited messages and broadcasts to your subscribers.
  • Install Clever messenger on unlimited Facebook Pages & Instagram accounts
  • Trifecta feature which lets you create 3 entry points to your chatbot (see demo video)
  • Optimize by A/B split testing entire flows and single messages.
  • Integrates natively with 50+ third-party tools including Zapier or Integromat and so much more.

Clever messenger demo

Here is a short demo video by the creator himself Stefan van der Vlag that shows how Clever messenger works

What You can do with Clever Messenger

The features listed and the video demo above are all well and good. But you should be more interested in what Clever Messenger can do for your business. Here is a list of some of them:

Capture user input

When you run an ad or place a chatbot on your website you can easily capture user input like emails addresses and phone numbers. With this, you can build an audience in no time.

Engage leads

Attracts leads and immediately engage them with questions to qualify them with the use of texts, images, buttons and gifs, reply quickly to queries, play audio and video from YouTube and Vimeo inside your bot.

Build your tribe

You can increase your follower count, and trigger comments and reactions by running highly engaging campaigns… like giveaways, promotions, and contests.

Automate customer service

Customer service is key to any thriving business online. Your chatbot can respond to FAQs with pre-built answers, collect feedback, testimonials, and reviews, qualify leads, book calls, send files such as PDF, create a menu to aid navigation, and use OTN to notify customers of important things, and accept payments. Saving you time and money.

Save Ads cost

You can easily boost your return on ad spend when you combine Facebook and Instagram bots because once prospects are inside your chatbot, a click of a button will have them subscribed easily.

Generate more subscribers

This is the end game of all the features combined and also the main reason you are reading this review in the first place.

Clever Messenger helps you achieve this with the use of what they call capture tools. Here is a video that sheds more light on what you can do with them.

These capture tools are essentially another name for what Manychat refers to as growth tools and this leads us to a comparison of both chatbot platforms.

Clever messenger vs Manychat

There are lots of bots out there but one of the most popular ones is Manychat.

Truth be told, on the surface, Manychat still tops the list when it comes to chatbots but in comparison to Clever messenger, a couple of features might place this new bad boy ahead.

Clever Messenger

Under the general features there is really not much of a difference to what both chatbots offer. But when we look into some more advanced features, Manychat lacks a lot of them compared to Clever messenger and these features include.

  • Audience Segments
  • Auto Segmentation
  • Audience Importing Tools
  • GIF Previews on Flow Builder
  • Audio Previews on Flow Builder
  • Video Previews on Flow Builder
  • Keyword Triggers on Flow / Block Builder
  • Messenger Referral Link on Message Setup
  • JSON Code on Flow / Block Builder
  • List Template Selection
  • Ice Breakers (TBH I don’t know WTH that is)
  • Clever Delay up to seconds
  • Main Menu Multiple Localization
  • Main Menu Enable/Disable on Customer Chat
  • Greeting Text Multilple Localization
  • Welcome Message Flow Picker
  • Default Reply Flow Picker
  • General Timezone Settings
  • Send to Messenger Mulitple
  • Language Localization
  • Send to Messenger Real-time
  • Updating Previews
  • Send to Messenger Capture URL Parameters
  • Checkbox Plugin Mulitple Language Localization
  • Checkbox Plugin Advanced Customization
  • Checkbox Plugin Real-time Updating Previews
  • Checkbox Capture URL Parameters
  • Checkbox Capture Form Inputs
  • Customer Chat Mulitple Language Localization
  • Customer Chat Real-time Updating Previews
  • Customer Chat Capture URL Parameters
  • Multiple (Different) Widgets per page
  • JSON Code Combine
  • Multiple Messages
  • Facebook Comments
  • Reaction Filter
  • Facebook Comments
  • Vizualize Posts
  • Subscription Message Tags (as required by FB)
  • Audience Segment Picker for
  • Broadcasts
  • Recurring Broadcasts
  • Share Flows / Blocks
  • Full Chatbot Performance Analytics
  • Native Amazon Integration
  • Native Shopify Integration

Now if the list above contains anything that you might probably need in your business then bear in mind Clever messenger is a clear winner (See lowest price) and if not, then you might as well stick with Manychat.

I think one main feature Manychat provides that could be great for any business is its Whatsapp feature which Clever messenger does not offer yet.

But then again, there is SMS which both platforms provide.

Another downside to using Manychat is the pricing. The monthly payment plan.

At the time of this writing, Clever messenger is offering a one-time payment and that beats any monthly recurring costs if you ask me. See lowest price.

Although Clever messenger restricts the number of subscribers you can have with the one-time payment to 3000 subscribers.

Manychat’s monthly cost for the same number of subscribers goes as high as $45 a month.

Clever Messenger review
Manychat Pricing

Although in all fairness, remember the Whatsapp feature is included.

Both platforms are great but for the price I might be a little tilted towards Clever messenger (as long as I can have access to it at the one-time price). See lowest price.

Now let’s talk about how much Clever messenger actually costs.

Clever messenger pricing

When you purchase Clever messenger you are not directed straight to the access page, instead, you are led through a couple of one-time offers. 

Let’s break down everything so nothing surprises you as you go through the funnel.

Below is a list of what it would cost to get access to Clever messenger.


Front-End | price $199 one-time

The one time proce is for a limited time only and ends on the 4th of October 2022 at 11:59pm EST. See lowest price.

The front-end grants you access to a ton of feature and I’d rather not bore you with everything. See full list here.

But a couple of features I consider important are:

  • Access to 50+ Integrations including Zapier and Integromat.
  • Build your list to up to 3000 subscribers.
  • Create unlimited pages and send unlimited broadcasts.
  • FREE trial to Pro with 10,000 subscribers as a bonus.

If you decide to purchase the front-end version you will be presented with 3 options.

  1. A one-time price at $199
  2. A monthly price at $49
  3. A yearly price at $199.

If you decide to opt for the monthly or yearly plan, you will get access to all the features except

  • Removing Clever messenger branding
  • The commercial license and
  • A 30-day free trial of the pro version.

When you get access to Clever messenger at the one-time price, you get access to everything and also some interesting bonuses.

Clever messenger OTO

After purchasing the front end, you will be presented with a couple of one time offers known as OTO.

This gives you access to more robust features.

First on the list is…

Clever messenger Pro

Remember the front-end version is only limited to 3000 subscribers, with the pro version you can generate up to 25000 subscribers depending on the plan you decide to go for.

The pricing for this OTO is split into 3 yearly plans that basically have the same features.

The only difference is the number of subscribers you can build. Here are the options:

  1. Generate up to 25,000 subscribers ($499/year)
  2. Generate up to 20,000 subscribers ($399/year)
  3. Generate up to 15,000 subscribers ($299/year)

You also gain access to opt-in widgets, checkbox plugin (which lets you generate email and Messenger subscribers at the same time), Facebook comments replies, Instagram comments replies, team roles, webhooks, Clever API , any new pro features, 220+ DFY templates and  1,000 bonus subscribers.

But remember you get a 30-day free trial of this version when you order the front end at the one-time price and after that, you will need to pick one of the plans.

Now, if the number of subscribers the Clever messenger pro version offers is beyond your planned number of subs then you might want to opt for the down-sell version.


Clever messenger Pro Downsell

This version gives you access to everything the pro version has to offer as mentioned above.

The only difference is, you can only generate up to 10,000 subscribers

Regarding the price, you have the option to choose between 2 payment options.

  1. Yearly plan at $280 which can be paid in 2 installments of $140.
  2. Yearly plan of $249, which saves you about $20.

Whether or not you decide to pick this plan you will be presented with yet another Clever messenger OTO.

This time it’s the Clever messenger Agency plan.

Clever messenger Agency

Clever Messenger review

With the Clever messenger Agency plan, you can start your own chatbot agency and manage clients and their pages and also manage bots on their behalf from your own panel while charging them any price you want.

This OTO is also priced yearly and comes with a list of unique upgrades depending on the plan you select:

  1. Clever Messenger Agency with 15 client Licenses, 75,000 client subscribers slots, and FREE 5,000 bonus subscribers to your main pro account is priced at $999 yearly.
  2. Clever Messenger Agency with 10 client Licenses, 50,000 client subscribers slots, and FREE 3,000 bonus subscribers to your main pro account is priced at $799 yearly.
  3. Clever Messenger Agency with 5 client Licenses, 25,000 client subscribers slots, and FREE 1,000 bonus subscribers to your main pro account is priced at $599 yearly.

All plans also come with:

  • Each client with own account
  • Access to full management panel
  • Access to agency team roles
  • Access to take-over sessions
  • Discounted client slots
  • Discounted client subscriber slots
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to new agency features

One thing you should keep in mind is this.

When you choose any of these packages. Each client account starts as a Pro account with 5,000 subscribers.

1 Pro account with 5,000 subscribers is currently valued at $199/yr after the launch period is over

This totals to a whopping savings of $1990/year – compared to what you pay for 15 Pro accounts separately during the launch.

You can add as many pages for each client as you’d like. If you choose this plan, you’re also awarded extra number of subscribers to your main account for FREE.

Clever messenger unlimited pro

You can only get access to this upgrade if you got the Pro plan. This upgrade will not be visible without the Pro plan activated.

With this plan, your Clever Messenger account will be able to generate unlimited subscribers saving you almost $6000.

The unlimited subscribers’ upgrade is tied to your Pro account and as a bonus, you receive a 1-Year trial to the Agency Edition, including unlimited client slots, Unlimited client subscribers, and Whitelabel Features.

After your 1-Year FREE access to Agency expires, that’s 365 days from your initial purchase today, you can continue your Agency Unlimited Edition at a price of $999/year.

As an extra bonus you also receive a limited-edition Clever Messenger Hoodie made up of 100% cotton exterior with Clever messenger logo embroidered on it.

You can cancel this at any time. And if you do cancel, you still keep the unlimited subscribers for your Pro account (and the hoodie of course).

Here are the features you get access to inside this upgrade

  • Generate Unlimited Subscribers
  • Extended Commercial Rights
  • 1 year FREE Access to Agency
  • Unlimited Client Slots
  • Unlimited Client Subscribers
  • Agency Whitelabel Features
  • Limited Clever Messenger Hoodie

As for the price, you can split pay in 2 installments of $600 or pay $999 one time.

Clever messenger Agency Unlimited

Clever Messenger review

This is another unlimited upgrade, this time for the Agency package we looked at earlier.

The same thing applies like in the pro unlimited. You can only see this if you have purchased the agency package that was offered earlier in the funnel.

This package upgrades your Agency account with unlimited client slots and unlimited client subscribers.

What I like about this package is how you get to save $3000, get unlimited subscribers for your main account and you receive whitelabel features which let you add your company details and company logo.

Here is a full list of features added to this package:

  • Agency Unlimited Account
  • Extended Commercial Rights
  • Unlimited Client Slots
  • Unlimited Client Subscribers
  • Unlimited Subs for Main Account
  • Agency Whitelabel Features
  • Limited Clever Messenger Hoodie

And the pricing is pretty much the same as the Pro unlimited package.

You can split pay in 2 installments of $600 or pay $999 one time.

Clever messenger VIP club

Last but not least we have the VIP club bonus.

With this OTO you are granted 45 days of FREE access to the VIP Club.

Inside the VIP club, you get access to exclusive chatbot strategies and training which are updated weekly.

You also get priority VIP support, more chatbot templates, and flows plus monthly giveaways.

Your first 45 days are FREE, after which you will be charged $49 a month to continue. You can cancel anytime.

Clever messenger Bonus

When you purchase Clever messenger at the launch price before the timer above expires. You will get access to the Pro version for the next 30 days.

But I will also be giving out exclusive bonuses to help you effectively use Clever Messenger to your advantage.

Clever Messenger review



This 100% cloud-based app is the first of its kind to insert any ad into ANY existing video! ​Which makes this a ZERO Cost Ad system! 

Clever Messenger review bonuses


Case Study Video

Growing Your List to 12,000+ Messenger Subscribers in 75 days

Clever Messenger review bonuses


Case Study Video

Using Facebook Chatbots With A High Performing Sales Funnel

Clever Messenger review bonuses


Traffic Booster Secret

Find out everything about top free and paid traffic sources & how to use them to grow your business

Clever Messenger review bonus


Messenger Auto Reply

Automatically reply to all your Facebook ads comments and private messages. This is perfect if you intend to get only the Clever Messenger front-end.

Clever Messenger review bonus


WhatsApp Chat WP Reply

Display WhatsApp chat box anywhere on your site. Build trust and convert your visitors to sales.

Clever Messenger review bonus


Social Trend Spy

This plugin lets you spy on social trends before you spend money on Facebook ads. This could save you a lot on ad spend.

These bonuses are not a bunch of crap and are valued at $1596 in total.

They are valuable tools to help you make the best use of your Clever Messenger account.

To gain access to these bonuses. These are the steps to take.

  1. Order Clever Messenger by clicking through this link. Or the See Lowest Price button anywhere on this page.
  2. After purchase, email your receipt to support (at) so I can verify your purchase.
  3. Once acknowledged, bonuses will be delivered 30 days after the purchase to avoid freebie seekers who end up canceling their order and getting a refund.


If you wish to grow a thriving business online then you should be ready to adapt fast to change.

The old way of growing an audience and nurturing them enough to make sales is dying slowly and that old way is….sad but true, email marketing.

This is because subscribers open fewer emails nowadays, while some give the wrong emails in order to get access to a lead magnet.

Click-through rates are dipping every day and promotional emails are skipping inbox and jumping straight into spam (no thanks to spam filters).

Clever Messenger review

And the truth is you have been drilling a hole in your pocket without even knowing due to hundreds and thousands of dollars you are probably spending on ad costs to build your list.

What is the solution?

I believe that’s obvious by now…Chatbots especially one that heavily focuses on Facebook messenger and Instagram direct messages because these 2 platforms are powerful sources of traffic with buyer leads waiting for you to bring them into your world.

And this is because the new way of marketing is conversational as people spend more time on these messaging apps than they do on other platforms.

Clever Messenger review

So you need to adapt fast to stay relevant to your audience by using Chatbots.

Clever messenger is a recommended chatbot and alternative to Manychat because of its simplicity, powerful features, and price offered during this launch period.

It is heavily focused on providing solutions through Facebook messenger and Instagram direct messages and for a short period of time will be available at a one-time price.

To be honest, if you miss out on the one-time price during the launch period which is only a 5-day duration, you might as well stick to Manychat.

My reason for this is. 

For the price of $199 one time, you probably have access to the cheapest chatbot tool on the planet.

But if you miss out of this special launch offer and decide to get it at $49 a month you might be spending more because Manychat is priced at about $45 a month which includes their Whatsapp feature which Clever Messenger is yet to include.

Your second-best line of action should be getting Clever Messenger at the yearly price instead.

At $199 a year, you would be saving over $300.

Apart from Manychat, there are hundreds if not thousands of messenger bots out there, but Clever Messenger seems to top this list based on what has been reviewed so far.

Plus, one awesome thing I also like about Clever messenger is that it allows you to have multiple widgets (capture tools) on the same page.

For instance, you can have a customer chat widget and a send to messenger modal chatbot all working together on the same page.

This is a feature a lot of other platforms do not have. Most only permit one widget per page.

However, I am a bit disappointed about the absence of the Facebook comments reply feature in the front-end package.

The Facebook comments feature is also exclusive to the pro version of Manychat anyway but that would have given Clever Messenger more numbers on the score sheet.

Another thing I noticed when using Clever Messenger…this is nothing to worry about but I’d like to point it out either way (mainly because I am a perfectionist).

I noticed Manychat’s platform is a lot smoother and sleeker than that of Clever Messenger.

For instance, when trying to link messages in a flow it tends to glitch a bit and sometimes requires multiple clicks.

But like I said there is nothing to worry about as I was still able to get my task done.

My advice, embrace the use of chatbots in your marketing strategy. Get access to Clever Messenger for the low price and see if this is what you need, if not simply ask for a refund within 30 days.

All the packages mentioned come with a 30 Day Risk-FREE, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

So you are more or less on the safe side while testing things out to see if this is a good fit for you.

Once the timer above runs out, the price will be switched to the monthly pricing option which adds more to your overall costs.

So take advantage of this now and avoid missing out on this opportunity. See lowest price.

Pros & Cons

  • Tons of features
  • Has a lot more simplicity and tools than Manychat
  • Affordable pricing
  • Commercial and Agency licenses available
  • Whitelabel feature available
  • Set up unlimited accounts
  • Allows multiple widgets on one page
  • Extensive easy to follow tutorial videos
  • Only 3000 subscriber limit
  • No Facebook comment feature on front end
  • OTO pricing is a bit misleading
  • Lacks Whatsapp feature

Frequently Asked Questions

With Clever Messenger you can grow your subscribers, nuture leads, make sales and provide efficient customer service using chatbots

Yes you can easily personalize messages with Clever Messenger by using first and/or last name or full name of your prospect and also using a lot of other personalization assets such as emojis and much more.

Yes. Clever Messenger has special import functionality for all competitors. So you can easily import your subscribers from any other chatbot platform.

Stefan Van Der Vlag who is an internet marketer with over 10 years experience.

May be an image of 1 person

Here is his Facebook profile if you would like to learn more about him.


Yes. Clever Messenger works for anyone who wants to market online using chatbots.

Yes, lots of people use (including myself). Here is a link to see testimonials from actual users. Here is a video of some of them.

Clever Messenger is a cloud based web app and what this means is, you can have access to it 24/7, all day anywhere you are as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Clever messenger is best suited for people who are new to messenger and Instagram looking for new ways to market online.

Yes. Clever messenger supports all languages

You can build a list of 3000 subscribers if you purchase the front end package. However, you can also upgrade to the Pro version (after 30 days free trial) and with this, you can build a subscriber base of up to 25000. Keep in mind also you can have an unlimited amount of subscribers when you upgrade to the pro unlimited version.


No, I am afraid not. What happens is you will lose access to all the features that come with the Pro edition, and also only get to contact 3000 subscribers. You will be unable to contact the last number of subscribers you’ve generated.

For instance, if in the pro trial or paid version you were able to generate 4500 leads. If for any reason you decide to cancel the pro version later on, you lose the rights to contact your last 1500 subscribers but you can keep 3000 subscribers as that is the limit for the front end version.

However, your limits will be lifted when you get the Pro edition again

You would need to set up a Facebook page and Instagram account for Clever Messenger to work as a chatbot. It integrates with your Facebook account in one-click and automatically sync your Facebook pages.

No, you do not need special skills. Clever Messenger is 100% newbie friendly. It comes with a very simple interface that is virtually empty when you are starting out the first time. So, no complicated texts and bogus buttons. There are tons of video tutorials to guide you all the way when you get access to it.

Yes, Clever Messenger grants you access to 120 templates for free to choose from. All you need to do is click, preview and install any template you like.

Yes, Clever Messenger lets you connect to virtually every app – over 2,000 apps using Zapier, webhooks and API. Plus it seamlessly integrates with 50+ Third Party Tools natively.

Yes, despite any plan you choose, with Clever Messenger you can set up accounts for clients. But you have even more control when you get the Agency account. Although you would need admin access to your clients’ Facebook pages, for them to work seamlessly with your Clever Messenger account.

Yes. Clever Messenger offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with anything inside Clever Messenger. However, you should read the refund policy on the sales page before placing an order.

All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

At the time of this writing, Clever messenger is offering a one-time price of $199, if you miss out on this you will have to pay monthly at $49 or $199 a year. See lowest price.

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