Case Study for Affiliate Marketers

How A Newbie Affiliate Marketer ranked a brand new Blog and made $952.14 in less than 3 weeks

No Prior Experience...No Special Skill...

Step-By-Step Training | 60 Day Money Back Guarantee | Beginner Friendly

If you hate the idea of waiting several months to make a dime online

If you are tired of wasting money on software and courses that lack the genuine knowledge needed to be successful

If you already have some experience in affiliate marketing but still not having success

its not your fault
you have probably done the best you can

Making Money As a newbie affiliate marketer is not as easy as it sounds

forget all the bS the so called gurus told you

If you really want to make money online. You need a website and most importantly you need...


If you can get them, you are well on your way to making money online and living the laptop lifestyle.

But gurus try to sell you a lot of expensive courses and crappy traffic software that is supposed to pull traffic from God knows where

Want to know the best source of traffic?


Organic traffic is still the best form of traffic

Because it is targeted...
because it is from google

Let me break it down...

When visitors enter search queries on Google, they are intentionally looking for solutions to problems or looking to buy something

Which makes it important to ensure your website ranks high enough to provide the solution they search as this is what determines the success or failure of your affiliate marketing business

But here's the problem

Ranking On Google Takes Time...

Despite SEO having a 20+ year record for driving traffic, conversion and sales to millions of websites.

It is a tedious and often frustrating experience trying to rank a blog.

Especially if it's brand new, it could take a very long time.

how long?

Several months to a couple of years before your back breaking efforts start paying off

That is, if Google does not slam your site with one of their endless updates that does more harm than good in most cases

But what If…

There was a better way…a faster way to rank a brand new blog and make money from it faster?

Here's my story...

My name is Michael Martins and I am a lot like you, I have searched and tried a million ways to make money online and have failed more times than I can remember.

In the midst of my failures I decided to focus on Affiliate marketing because I later figured that was the best place to start especially as a beginner.

My plan was to build a blog similar to big internet marketing blogs like onlinedimes, matthewwoodward and neilpatel. And make thousands of dollars in a couple of months and finally get to travel the world.

But after writing a couple of articles, and spending months without a leak of traffic to my blog, I gave up

My reason...

I figured I needed to write very lengthy articles consistently and had to be extremely patient before I can start earning a dime and the truth is, I did not have the time to do this

I was working 9 to 5 and barely had enough time to spend with my family and friends let alone work on a blog that I wasn't sure could pay my bills in the future

Plus, I did not have a clue what to write or how to start, researching keywords was tiring. Because most times I would get back home feeling exhausted from the day's work

Using fancy tools like Ahrefs and Semrush only got me all the more confused and drilled more holes in my pocket

I heard stories of experts who only started earning when the great Google finally noticed them after a year or two.
Nope, I needed a faster way to get this done.

So I set out to find a way out and in 8 weekends I scoured the internet's nook and cranny...

After much research and testing

I discovered there is a way to rank a brand new blog and make affiliate commissions fast.

I applied the method and was so excited to find out it actually works each time I tried it. I made over $950 in affiliate commissions ($50 shy of $1000) in less than 3 weeks.

Want to know how I pulled it off?


18 Page case study report

That reveals How A Newbie SEO Ranked A Brand New Blog And Made $952.14 In Less Than 3 Weeks

Step-By-Step Training | 60 Day Money Back Guarantee | Beginner Friendly

What's Inside...

I share everything I did to rank a brand new blog I set up in a couple of hours

How I made me the quick bucks over a period of 3 weeks

The type of keywords I focused on in my articles

The simple SEO tricks I implement to drive organic traffic

Here’s Something Cool

You don't need to have prior experience

You don't need expensive SEO tools

You don't need to do keyword research

You don't need to learn copywriting

You don't need to waste years before making money

And you can do this in

3 simple steps

step #1

write a review article on your blog

step #2

Rank it using some SEO techniques

step #3

make commissions Asap

Another cool thing about this method is that it boosts the value of your website quickly so you can sell your website if you wish to.

I was able to easily sell mine after a couple of months for $500 on Flippa

Even after 3 years the blog is...

Still ranking

That's the power of the method I am about to show you

Who this is for?

Affiliate marketers struggling to build a blog that actually makes money FAST...

Anyone getting started with affiliate marketing and not sure where to start.

Newbie bloggers, local business owners or veteran internet marketers who wish to add another money making side hustle to their arsenal


If you try to rank your blog
the old fashioned way
You will Need To...

And still have to wait several months to have your blog rank high enough to start making money…. sloooowwwwly

And a lot of other pain in the butt, time wasting B.S you really don’t want to get involved in.

What Some are still saying...

It's time to turn the tides in your favor

It's time to take Action

At this time you might be wondering what it would take to get your hands on my case study. Well let's start off by asking a crucial question...

How much is this All Worth?

The method I share in this report is worth it's weight in gold and it is virtually the same thing gurus sell for thousands of dollars.

My earnings are partly due to my laziness and inconsistency. You can use this exact SEO techniques to grow a 6 figure website.

And I could easily charge $1000 for this and be justified to do so.

But for today, you will be getting this report
for only $27

In addition to it
you get access to these amazing bonuses


The Rank Cash Method Bonus (Value $97)

This PDF is probably more important than the report you are getting because inside I break down everything you need to do step by step on your own blog


Pick My Brain (Value $197/month)

I will not leave you hanging. I will be there to guide you by answering every question you have after going through my case study.


The Rank Cash Checklist (Value $37)

This checklist will help you keep tab on the important tasks you need to complete to have a successful money making blog

in my case study you will learn everything I did to succeed

STOP wasting money on affiliate marketing courses without anything to show for it?

Take a moment to imagine what a few extra thousand dollars made in a couple of weeks could do for you and your family

Build an income generating blog you can be proud of and make your next $500 or more in a couple of weeks.

You have to make a choice

It's time to overcome traffic issues and start getting visitors with buyer intent straight to your blog

All you have to do is click the BUY NOW button below to get instant access 

but wait!

Since you have read this far, it means you are serious about transforming your blog into an income generating machine and I appreciate the time you have invested in reading this.

And for this reason, I am offering you a $10 discount so you can get the Rank Cash Method for way less. 

But here is the catch...

The discount code will be deactivated when the timer runs out

Discount Code Expires In...


Click the Buy Now Button NOW

Regular Price $27 
$10 Discount Code JT10

The Rank Cash Method

Immediately you hit the Buy Button you'll be taken to a secure checkout page powered by JVZoo where you can enter the discount code and your information to get access to the report.

More testimonials

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here's my guarantee. If for any reason you tried this method and it did not work for you over the next 60 days. I will issue a full 100% refund.

Michael Martins

P.S Remember, If you continue the old-fashioned way you will most likely have little or nothing to show for it in the nearest future. 

P.P.S Wouldn’t it be depressing if a few months from now, you look back to this day and wish you made the decision to get this case study?

P.P.P.S The discount code will be deactivated  immediately the timer ends, so you need to take action

frequently asked questions

It's my case study about how I used an SEO technique to rank a new blog and made some affiliate commissions in 3 weeks and how you can too

No you don't. There is no software required

I cannot guarantee you or anyone else any specific results or amounts of money that will be made with this method. The method worked for me (and still works for me) but it does not mean it will work for you or anyone else, especially if you are not willing to put in the time and effort to make it work. With that being said, your results results might be lower or higher as a couple of factors determine your results.

I added a bonus section with a step by step guide that shows you all you need to do on your own site

After setting up your blog, depending on how fast you are, you could churn out a good article within a day. Then the SEO process takes about 7 to 14 days to be delivered.

No, as you can see on the sales page I have it still ranking after 3 years.

Yes you do. Apart from the cost of setting up a blog (if you don't have one already). You will need to budget about $50 or more depending on the SEO techniques you decide implement.

Most of my earnings were made just before JVZoo changed the interface of the platform and I could not get the screenshots on the new design because when affiliate commissions are earned, it reflects on the dashboard for about 24hrs before it disappears. 

It should work in any niche but I have only tested it on the IM niche.

When you place an order you will be granted access to my case study ebook in PDF format and also access to the bonuses in a zipped folder

A support email is available and you can send me questions personally anytime. I respond between 24hrs to 72hrs.

Click the buy now link below and on the payment page apply the discount code

Click the BUY NOW button below to get instant access 

Regular Price $27 
$10 Discount Code JT$10

The Rank Cash Method

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